Zazie Books

DADDY COOL, Mcmenemy Márk, 2016

In this cool interview book published by Zazie, you can read 9 interviews with 10 famous dads about family, fatherhood and parenting. I took the portraits during the interviews so I was also able to listen to the inspirational stories relayed by György Dragomán (writer), Tibor Kiss (musician, artist) and Zsolt Erdei (professional boxer).

ÉBREDÉSEIM, Nagy Judit, 2017

This book is a personal account of how a close encounter with death during childbirth changed the author’s relationship with her child. A gripping story of a mother who awakens from a coma and has to come to terms with her own mortality and the needs of her newborn child. For the cover shoot, my task was to create a very close, intimate and straight portrait of her to align with the topic of the book.