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I found Pepi in his pyjamas when I arrived to take photos about him. After his breakfast we hung on the playground (and yes, before that he brushed his teeth). We spent the time together until lunch. Let’s meet Pepi and watch his “morning in the life of” story!

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When I was younger my father was my biggest hero: the bravest, the coolest and the funniest man in the world. And now, I see the same in my daughter’s and other children’s eyes when I shoot them with their Daddy. In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, I’d like to share few of my favorite photos with you what I’ve taken about awesome Dads. 

Happy Father’s Day to our biggest heroes!
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School photography

I am a regular guest of my daughter’s school as a photographer too. This time, the group had a new request for me. During the previous photo sessions I documented their daily routine. But now they would like “average” school portraits with background. What can I say? Ok, let’s do it! Being photographed like this… Read More