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Hurray for the whoop-de-doo!

Being a parent has its own difficulties: it’s tiring and there are always a lot of doubts. She’s a reflection of me and it’s not always my good qualities I see: sometimes I’m impatient, a bit unwise, but luckily it seems I am funny. For 6 years there has been no better feeling than when I hear her laughter, except for when we laugh together.

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Happy Birthday Bendegúz!

On a late autumn afternoon, we celebrated Bendegúz’s birthday, and as you can see, he was really happy on his special day. Bendegúz is lucky for a number of reasons: everyone loves him and he got to celebrate not only with his uncles and grandparents but his great grandfather too. The family gathering was held… Read More

Milli and Bro – Autumn

The day we picked to shoot Judit’s new collection coincided with the weather turning. And when working with kids, you need to be extra careful so they don’t catch a cold, so unfortunately the weather was somewhat limiting. The always changing autumn weather threw everything it had at us: a chilly morning, bright sunshine, wind… Read More

Our Special Autumn Break

Late October and early November brought a variety of extraordinary experiences. We created colorful paper monsters, painted real Mexican plaster skulls and took part in The Globetrotter Kids event at Deák 17 Gallery where we would have been able to get familiar with the “Día de los Muertos” celebrations…

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Borcsa and Lujzi

Borcsa is a tiny, Lujzi is a medium-sized whirlwind, and I am always happy to see them. We started the shooting early in the morning. After a welcome coffee we took the dog for a walk on the Danube bank – even their dog was teeny-weeny when we first met. Some children I’ve been photographing… Read More

Morning in the life of Kató and Dávid

I am usually grumpy when I first wake up, but when I go to a family shooting, it is a little easier somehow. When I first met David, he was an only child in his family, but since he’s become a big brother.
We started the shooting at sunrise and ended at lunchtime, so we had enough time for more action.

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