The storytelling nursery school photography always has its exciting challenges because I have to be in close contact with the children while paying attention to a fairly balanced photostream – I have to document the shy ones as well as the ’fans’ who enjoy being in front of the camera.
While I take many portraits, I would also like to tell their special story and show photos that reflect the flow of their day. I can see what parent’s can’t: how the kids really work together and how they spend the day with the group.
The storytelling photography session started when the school opened its doors and lasted until the afternoon siesta.
I took a lof of pictures so it was extremely difficult to pick the best ones for you.

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Shelter House’s Foundations’ holiday

Shelter House’s Foundations’ holiday On July 23, a minibus that had seen better days arrived in Sukoró with 8 children. Some of them had never camped in their life or never swum in the lake Velence. The 8 children (5 boys and 3 girls) came on vacation with the help of people they had never… Read More


I don’t usually shoot weddings, but there are times when I make an exception, like with this one. Emese and Gergő ’s wedding took place at Smaragdvölgy in Rudabányácska. I’m always happy to travel there because I spent my high school years in nearby Sárospatak. The weather was quite moody and wet, but one hour… Read More


I found Pepi in his pyjamas when I arrived to take photos about him. After his breakfast we hung on the playground (and yes, before that he brushed his teeth). We spent the time together until lunch. Let’s meet Pepi and watch his “morning in the life of” story!

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When I was younger my father was my biggest hero: the bravest, the coolest and the funniest man in the world. And now, I see the same in my daughter’s and other children’s eyes when I shoot them with their Daddy. In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, I’d like to share few of my favorite photos with you what I’ve taken about awesome Dads. 

Happy Father’s Day to our biggest heroes!
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School photography

I am a regular guest of my daughter’s school as a photographer too. This time, the group had a new request for me. During the previous photo sessions I documented their daily routine. But now they would like “average” school portraits with background. What can I say? Ok, let’s do it! Being photographed like this… Read More


The 36th Press Photo Exhibition Award Ceremony was last week, and I was there with my family. I am very happy and proud because at the Press Photo Contest – organized by the Association of Hungarian Journalists – I had won the 3rd prize in the portrait (single image) category. You can also see my… Read More


I got very great news from the Documentary Family Awards! I couldn’t be any happier because at the competition where the entries come from 49 different countries, 2 of my pictures are in 3 winning categories. The jury selected 5 pictures of all entries in the “Judges Choice Award”, which includes one of my family… Read More

Móric’s Christening

A christening is always an intimate event in a family’s life. Over the weekend I made a documentary family photo session at Móric’s christening. I wanted to show the strong family emotions and connections in a special way so I made a slideshow from the pictures with music underneath. Móric’s parents could easily send this… Read More

Family holiday in Croatia

I’m struggling with a constant dilemma on our family holidays: I would like to take lots of pictures, because this is one of my favorite activities. At the same time I also want to spend lots of time playing with my family (The question is: where should I put the camera while I am swimming… Read More