I got very great news from the Documentary Family Awards! I couldn’t be any happier because at the competition where the entries come from 49 different countries, 2 of my pictures are in 3 winning categories.

The jury selected 5 pictures of all entries in the “Judges Choice Award”, which includes one of my family photos from the “Fatherhood” series. The same picture also won the 10th place in the “Nothing better than real life” category.
The picture was made on a family trip. We are that kind of people who always forget something: this time it was the ball.

The other award-winning picture was made during a documentary family session at Freya’s birthday party. And as you can see sometimes the box could be more interesting than the gift itself. It won the 10th place in the “Environmental Portrait” category.

As a storytelling photographer I’m particularly proud and honored to be amongst the winners here.